Where to have breakfast in Perth

What do you usually have for breakfast? Pretty sure that you love to have eggs, bacon and sausages on the table. Without your usual meal, it’s like something is missing on the table, right? Therefore, making your day incomplete. Many people are saying that it is very important for us to have breakfast because it is where we are getting our energy and strength for the day. In my opinion, that is somewhat true because it is not easy to start a day with an empty stomach.

When you are eating meals, where do you usually face? Most kids love to eat while watching their favorite cartoon movies. There are also those who goes out of the house and have breakfast in the garden or near the pool. While for some, they would love to have breakfast along the beach. Anyway, you can always have your meals anywhere as long as you are comfortable and enjoying the food.

Now, if you are new in Perth, then pretty sure that you are not yet familiar with the best restaurants, where you can have the most delicious meals for your breakfast. When you are in Perth, you should not only come and visit the beautiful attractions, but you must also try different Aussy cuisines from the West. Anyway, we have here a list of the restaurants that you should not miss for your breakfast.

The Sayers Sister

This is an ideal café after roaming around the Hyde Park. The Sayers Sister is just near this park. So, pretty sure that you would love to taste their famous leek croquettes as well as the poached eggs with cream. And then, they also have the best seller, which is the Beetroot with salmon, spinach and scrambled eggs. The place has a vintage-like ambience with a mass of framed pictures and a huge bricked communal table.

The Post

You can find this in the Como the Treasury. You would surely love to have their special fried egg that comes with zucchini brioche as well as the hot-smoked ocean trout with salmon and the mushroom omelet. And then, if you would like to have a drink, you may have some fresh vegetable juice.

The Moore & Moore

This is a great place to enjoy bacon because it is nitrate free. They also have here different vegan options, such as lemon with coconut labne and chickpea that are preserved, organic food, gluten free foods and eggs with walnuts, avocado, peas, haloumi and pumpkin mash. When you come here, you will feel like you are just at home and enjoying breakfast in your backyard.

The Bib & Tucker

This is a casual restaurant, but you would surely love overlooking the ocean. This is a perfect view in the morning to keep your mood chill and relaxed. This restaurant sits above the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club and a part of the restaurant is owned by Eamon Sullivan, who is a former Gold Olympic swimmer. You should try their breakfast pizza and banana pancakes with different toppings, such as double cream, pecans and salted caramel sauce.

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