Sweater Love

New print sweatshirts with wow factor type. Works. Casual rock’n’roll slogans, cool typography designs and progressive Graphic looks in black and white: The new print sweatshirts and T-shirts are a real big hit and an asset to our wardrobe. Let pictures speak for themselves in the form of casual prints on sweaters and shirts!

Sweater Love
Totally in love with printed sweatshirts Sweater Love! With our new printed sweatshirts Love is in the air. Enchanted us with casual styles, trendy spring colors and a good portion of colorful prints, patterns and applications. Whether with a colorful photo print, many shimmering sequins or with a meaningful slogan print – the new Sweatshirts provide plenty of highlights in your wardrobe!

On patrol with our jumpers Today we would like to introduce one of our three favorite looks around the theme of stripes, because in the spring is no way past them. Whether diagonally striped pattern in the mix, very classic maritime look in black or blue and white or colorful in wide stripes – the playful pattern is the latest fashion and no longer adorns.

Celebrate the Sun! Shopping flirt, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather? With our casual urban favorite pieces you do what you always is guaranteed and will look good doing it. We present one of our ten ultimate trend styles for a weekend of sun and can literally have the warm sunshine dancing on our skin feel. Black & White The Power Couple Black and White met not only in plain style, but also in strong prints, geometric patterns, stripes trendy and cool applications. The classic color contrast receives this season thus significantly more power and found again throughout our collections in different variations.

Relaxed sweatshirts in bright colors time for new Sweatshirts, because our Street Style Favorites are there. The relaxed sweatshirts in bright colors and new designs are the Sweat stars of the new collection. Whether with prints in color or mix with cool details – Our sweatshirts are a must for the colorful spring! But see for yourself!