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The Jeremy Scottschuhe Online Perth information Blor or the JSOPU Blog would like to encourage all readers, especially the citizens of Perth to help in promoting tourism in the country. We can do this by sharing our hidden tourist spots that you know. Simply take nice shots, brief description and exact location or map linked to the place. Aside from that you may also share your review about the different places or attractions in Perth. And then, you may also give tips to visitors by giving information about what and where they can save or lessen their expenses.

Our readers can always send us comments, opinions and ideas regarding our posts. We appreciate every effort of the readers, who are always there to give support. We are composed of team members, who are dedicated to reading your messages. Please be patient in waiting for replies because we have limited time in writing replies and answering your questions. As soon as we already have enough members to manage mails, then we will try to have a 24-hour-line open to future visitors of Perth coming from different countries.

Anyway, if you have concerns or would like to send us articles, then you are free to send us your messages via e-mail. Our e-mail address is

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