Our Policy

The JSOPI Blog is owned and managed by the Jeremy Scottschuhe Online Perth Information organization, which was founded in 2018. Here at the JSOPI org, we have clean and clear intentions to help visitors, who would like to spend holidays in Perth. Our service is free of charge. So, keep in mind that no funds or money transfer must be made using our name. If you encounter people, who would like to collect money from you, then you must report that immediately to us or to the authority of Perth. In such way, we can catch those people and let them face the necessary charges for doing such.

The JSOPI Blog is only posting information that has connections with Perth. We do not post information or topics outside Perth. So, if you will ask us questions about other places, then we apologize because we cannot give you answers.

We respect Perth as well as our readers or visitors. So, we do not allow the use of malicious and offensive words to avoid collisions. We do not like everybody online to have misunderstandings, so please, be patient and relax. Do not take jokes seriously and we better stay out of trouble if possible.

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