How to have a cheap lifestyle in Perth

We all know that the cost of living in Perth is more expensive. But, that is not a reason for people to leave Perth. Still, many people are migrating in Perth to study and work. Who would not like to come and stay in this city, anyway? Especially, if everything you ever wanted in life is there, right? Many people prefer to live here simply because this is where these people find satisfaction and contentment. They do not mind about what other people are saying about how expensive it is to stay in Perth. What matters to them is that Perth is where their heart is.

If you are just new in Perth and have plans of staying here for a long time, then you have a lot of things to consider, which would actually help you save money. So, who is saying that everything in Perth is purely expenses when you can also save? That is, if you know what to do to minimize your daily, weekly and monthly expenses. Anyway, we have a few tips to help you with managing your budget.

Room or House Rent

You do not really need a very big house to rent in Perth, especially, if you just have a small family staying here. You do not even need a luxurious place to stay, if you are on a tour because pretty sure that you would spend most of your time outside to see different attractions.

When it comes to a place for you to stay, the size will depend on the number of people, who will live there. If you are going to rent in the city proper, then expect from a very expensive rental. The best thing that you must do is to go farther from the city, where you can get a cheaper monthly or even weekly and daily rental.

Household Bills

If you need to pay the electric and water bills, then this one will depend on your usage. When it comes to the electric appliance, this will depend also on how old it is. If you have old models of electric appliance in the room or house, then pretty sure that it will cost you more. So, you better change to a new model with energy saving features.


Petroleum in Perth is cheaper than other countries like Europe. But, shipping your car would surely cost much. Anyway, you can always find cheap cargo deals in online. If you are just visiting Perth for a few days, then it is not really necessary for you to bring your own car.

You can always go for car hire companies for your tourist destinations. Aside from that, there is a lot of public transportation available in the city. So, in my opinion, you do not need to bother about bringing your own car to Perth.


Your food expenses will always depend on what type of foods you would like to eat in Perth. Why don’t you try finding restaurants with affordable deals and promotions? Pretty sure that you would also enjoy those foods around.

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