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Roof replacement is an intimidating process for many homeowners, who often feel in over their heads presented with what they fear is a costly, bewildering, and messy process.

Whether you are in need of a roof replacement estimate for your home or commercial business, we can help you find a free roof replacement estimate, and at the same time, introduce you to insured expert contractors familiar with the process, who can answer questions and help guide the homeowner through the project.

Affordable licensed roofing contractors are highly skilled workers, capable of navigating potentially dangerous jobs with constant awareness of safety conditions and potential pitfalls. They are qualified, experienced professionals ready to tackle the big projects. By providing homeowners with written estimates, these contractors are able to give homeowners the benefit of their expertise and guidance, preventing costly mistakes.

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There are many options for homeowners to choose from when replacing a roof, depending on the constraints of the climate, location, taste of the homeowners, and even a desire to reinforce continuity of appearance within a neighborhood. Roofing options include Cedar Shake, which has a rough, informal, rustic appearance; asphalt, which is a classic choice, durable and appropriate for almost any home; and beautiful options like terra cotta tile (common in the Southwest and West) and slate, which can give a home an elegant, stately appearance. There are materials appropriate for every home and every budget, and the contractors on are ready to talk about all homeowner options and needs.

Whether your preference is for asphalt shingles, standing seam metal roofing, tiles, or one of the many green alternatives like eco-shake, the process of replacing a roof is reasonably straightforward: roofers will begin the project by removing the current roofing materials. They will then reinforce, fix, or replace any issues with the sub-roof itself, including sealing any crevices from moisture. When this is complete, they will begin the process of replacing the original by first applying a thin layer of black material over the now-bare roof, which provides provides back-up protection against moisture or other damage that might occur as a result of wind or falling tree branches. The tiles or shingles will then be affixed (accompanied by the rapid-fire noise of a nail gun in the case of shingles).

Following the replacement, most roofing companies will then remove all building materials and rubbish produced by the replacement, providing a dumpster and then removing it when the job is complete. And when the process is complete, the homeowner can relax and stop worrying!

Whether a roof is leaking, has been damaged by falling branches from a tree, or just subjected to the natural course of time and weather, the professionals we work with can provide you with a free roof replacement estimate, peace of mind, and a potential business relationship to get the job done.